Saturday, January 22, 2011

The most random way to meet a Norwegian girl, and shopping for ski clothes

So tonight I had dinner at Asgeir and Jessie's place, they're a married couple, and friends from Australia. Jessie's Malaysian and Asgeir's Norwegian. They've moved to Norway like I have. Dinner was salmon, carrots, potatoes and broccoli. Healthy and good, just the way I like it I also met another friend of theirs from Uganda, her name is Winnie. Not sure if it's spelt that way but that's how it's pronounced, she's really friendly and nice. We played a board game too, I can't remember what it's called but starts with an R ends with a K. :) It's similar to mahjong, not that I even play it but that's how Jessie says it is. I finished last but that's okay, I sacrificed myself for the greater good, we played 4 games and everyone won except me. I think the chocolates and tea more than sufficed for the losses that I endured. :) After hours of board games we left at 11:30pm.

On the tram Winnie and I were just saying it was sooo hard to meet a Norwegian. Well my experience so far is that the friendliest people that I've met are all foreigners. Not to say that my experience counts, I've only been here 2 months, but... she's been here 2 years, so... yeah. It's not usual to have the same friends throughout your entire life. Once you hit adulthood you don't really make any more friends. That's the way it is, apparently. Anyway, she had to get off a few stops later.

Then the most ironic thing happened. I was sitting close to the exit/entrace of the tram and these group of Norwegian girls just boarded the tram. They started speaking to me and I of course said "jeg snakker iker norsk". Then they switched over to English and asked me where I was from and I told them Singapore. One of them then said she was there on exchange for a year just last year and said she had the best time of her life there and yeah, we hit it off from there. Her other friend asked me how to say "You're hot" in Chinese. Haha. I told her how to say "You're beautiful" instead. Honestly at that point I could not remember to save my life, but come to think of it now I remember how to say "You're handsome". I think one of her friends took a photo of me with her, although I cannot be sure if that photo was taken. But anyway, I exchanged contact details with one of the girls and well, it looks like I have my first Norwegian friend. I thought that was just one of the most random things that's ever happened to me. Sometimes I think, well this must be one of the reasons why I left Australia. Or, who knows? Providence.

Another random thing happened, at the train station I was just walking around because there was half an hour to go, and I saw this elderly woman kick something into the train tracks. She saw me and smiled and then said something in Norwegian and I was again saying the only phrase that I know... "jeg snakker iker norsk". :) She then spoke to me in English and we chatted a bit. Her husband was there too. You know, small talk like where I'm from and what I do and talked about Australia and travel. They've never been to Australia and think it's a really scary place to go because of bugs and snakes and all that. She kept saying black widow black widow. :) I told her she should just not watch the news and just go to Australia! Not sure she would go though, they are going to the Canary islands in March and even a 5 hour flight is too long for her. :)

I didn't get back till 1:45am and I'm still wide awake. Too much tea I think. Although it took me 45 minutes to walk back here I'm not even tired. I must be a lot fitter since I moved here, I walk up two hills everyday at least just one way to work.

Oh I bought some ski clothes too today. Gloves, Ski jacket, Ski pants. I figured I'll be going skiing some point, might as well buy the clothes now.  The pants were women's ski pants. They were cool, that's my excuse. Actually no I didn't know they were women's till I searched online.

And that sums up my interesting night.

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