Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skiing in Tryvann winter park

This morning I went skiing. The place of interest was Tryvann winter park, which is 523 meters above sea level.  I caught the train (tog) from Stabekk to Oslo S then caught the Train 1 (t-bane) Frognerseteren line from Oslo S (Oslo Central) to Voksenkollen station where a free bus then takes you to the winter park.  The view going uphill is pretty, you can see much of Oslo just from the train ride.

I met Sunil and two of his other friends there.  You first register at a computer terminal then take your receipt to the counter, get your shoe size fitted before collecting your skis.  A day pass including ski rental costs 330 nok (58 australian).  If you want a ski pass to catch the lift that costs 320 nok (56 australian) for 2 hours.

This is yours truly.

Well what can I say.  It was really fun even though I feel like I've humped an elephant, i.e. I am really sore in between my bits and my legs are in pain but it was really fun.  I was really scared shitless going down the slopes because this is only the 2nd time I had ever skied, and the last time I did was 4 years ago in China.  I was going downhill all the way "pizza slice style", so my technique isn't very good but it was still fun. :)  We went down 3 slopes and the first two slopes were maybe about 2kms long, and the last slope was short but pretty steep, of course a Norwegian might disagree. :) This was what the last slope looked like.  I don't know if the image conveys that impression but it is steep!

What I really like is the ample area so if you're really retarded at least you won't crash into someone else, or the likelihood is being reduced.

Here are some other photos that I took.

The house at the bottom is where you rent your skis and stuff.  This is the little mini slope that you can go on and learn how to ski, I'm assuming.  We went down this slope a few times.  For the other slopes you can't even look over the edge.  That's my definition of steep. :)

Pretty trees on the other side.  You can also see the ski lift, and one of the slopes.  We didn't go down this one.

I spoke with an 11 year old whilst on the ski lift, she learnt to ski when she was 3 and learn to ice skate when she was 2.  No way on Earth (maybe on a different planet?) would I be able to compete with her. :)  But she doesn't snowboard, so maybe I could win in that area.  She also learns piano.  She sure is a lot more talented than I was at 11!  I saw one kid, maybe 10 at most, go down and up one of the slopes in the above image and did a somersault while he was going up the slope.  That was amazing.  It's truly amazing what someone young can achieve with many many many years of practise starting from a really early age!

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