Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bergen Railway to Oslo, Day 29

6:30am Woke up early to catch our 7:58am train from Bergen to Oslo.  This line of track is known as the Bergen Railway, 484 km of track and one of the most scenic lines in the world.  Other than an elderly Norwegian talking to us on the train and having great scenery almost all the time with the exception of the tunnels, there was nothing much else happening.

The photos were taken on board the train and in sequence, notice how the scenery can change drastically, one minute we're in snow and the next minute it's warm sunny weather.

I would've loved to catch the Flåm railway if we had more time, maybe next time!

2:30pm The legendary tennis player Adriano picked us up from Lysaker train station and dropped us back in humble Stabekk.  Most of my luggage survived intact and no animals were harmed in the process.  We went to get some groceries from Rimi Stabekk at 3pm and had lunch about 4pm or so.

Salmon fish cake, potatoes and cherry tomatoes

I must say it feels strange to be back in Oslo, a bit surreal.  Everything looks so different from when I left!  So much greener.

We went Go-kart racing at 5pm or so, this was the same track that I did a month ago.  Didn't injure myself this time, big plus.

Updated: Here are the heat times!  I am..."Chooj" ;)

Heat 1: I spun backwards going around a corner and got stuck (you cannot reverse) hence the 1:46 :)  Lauren did the same thing too.

Heat 2: No accidents this time.

After that we caught the train back to Oslo S, and took a walk down to the east side (within minutes there was someone approaching Lauren asking for money or something else, who knows) and to Oslo City then caught the train at 8:53pm back to Stabekk.  Dinner was pizza. :)

Chicken and grilled capsicum


Today's step count was 15K.

And now it is time to sleep.


  1. Please post go kart lap times in the blog.
    Legendary, hmmm, then I would sharely like to play against this player!


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