Monday, June 27, 2011

The Summer Party

Last Friday (24th June) was the work summer party.  It kicked off at 6pm at Sara's Telt in the city.  Funny enough that was where the last New in Norway meeting was held, and prior to that the last beer mingle was at VU which was where I went to that last time for an Internations mingle.  Is work just using the same places that I visit, or is it just a dang coincidence?  There was a bus that drove us to the city, so we went after work.

What can I say.  Norwegians love to party.  This is unlike any work party that I've ever been to.  After drinks, everyone from managers to directors were dancing on the floor.  Okay not everyone, but people that I know by name were, and we work on the same floor.  My suspicion is they won't even remember come Monday.  It's a big eye opener. :)  Even my fellow co-worker who is usually serious at work was dancing.  At least he thinks he was. :)  Man!  I can't dance to save my life, but I did some anyway.  Thanks to Thomas.  Of course everyone was drinking, and most were smoking, I don't drink and I don't smoke, yes I'm quite straight edge.  When I say everyone I don't mean everyone just the ones I recognise. :)  I would put some pictures up but I didn't take any photos.  You will just have to take my word for it.  I didn't get home till 2am and when I left it was still going strong.  But most people (most married people that is) had left by then.  Unfortunately dinner wasn't very good, it was a cheap buffet dinner with hamburgers and okayish salad.

Walking to the train station I saw drunks wandering about and a man peeing in the bushes outside Nationaltheatret.  That wasn't a sight to remember.  I missed the last train so caught the bus instead.  Of course I couldn't get back home directly, the bus dropped me close to work and had to walk 45 minutes before I arrived home.

Well it is now time for sleep.  God natt.

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