Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being a superhero... again

Last Friday (12th August) I found a wallet on the bus.  Amazing how these things always seem to happen to me!  I didn't give it to the bus driver and I didn't pass it to the police because of my previous experience losing my wallet.  So what I did instead was that I kept the wallet with the intention of returning it to the owner myself.  Losing a wallet really sucks ass and turds.

Lost your wallet?  Never fear Supes is here!

Turns out returning the wallet was a bit tricky.  I had a name but I could not find them in the telephone directory.  And I sent them a friend request on facebook but there was no response.  I contacted a friend of theirs and passed a message to them to contact me but that didn't work.  So I had the brilliant idea of creating a new profile called Ms M's Wallet with a picture of said wallet and lo and behold, friends instantly!  If that didn't work I was going to pass it to the police.

The girl actually lives 500+ km away from Oslo.  She's only visiting Oslo and staying with a friend who lives in Bekkestua which is 2km away from Stabekk.  She was going to go back home tonight!  So anyway we made an appointment to meet at 11:45am at Rimi Stabekk but she was late and I didn't meet her till 12:30pm.  To kill time I was window shopping in a sports shop and bought chocolates from Rimi.  I met her friend first actually, for some reason I just knew it was her friend.  Ms M wanted to give me money but I said to keep it in case she loses her wallet again. ;)  So instead she gave me a hug.  And I can certainly live with that. ;)  I also gave her the chocolates I bought in Rimi.  Yes I am just too nice.  You can just call me Superman!  She also sent me an sms with a <3.  I guess that's a good thing.

So that's my story for now.  Stay tuned to hear about the story of my haircut.

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