Friday, October 7, 2011

The Final Destination of Steve Jobs

Last night at 3 am I found out Steve Jobs at the age of 56 has moved on to the destination where we all eventually end up, the graveyard.  It's just amazing what he has accomplished for Apple in the past two decades, taking them from bankruptcy to the world's most innovative technology company and largest US company by market capitalisation (at least according to this time of post).  Apple were not necessarily the first to market products but they made huge improvements on products that already existed of which a large part was due to the vision of Steve Jobs.  I've had the privilege of seeing Steve Jobs give his keynote speech during WWDC 2006 which is a developers conference held in San Francisco every year.  The way people react while he was giving his talk is that of a cult, that's how powerful his presence is.

According to Forbes he was valued at 8.3 billion US dollars earlier this year.  None of which he could take to his grave.  For you see, what you are valued does not matter, and what you do right now is the only real thing that matters.  Your house, your car, your shoes, your clothes, that doesn't mean anything.  Your salary, your bank account is a number that exists in the capacitors of electronic circuitry printed on a circuit board mounted in a computer case somewhere.  Turn the computer off and it's all gone.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  I'm always amazed at how people looking at some numbers on a screen can cause them to go on emotional roller coaster rides because it really does not matter.  So what are you doing?  Are you willing to do what you do right now for free?  If not well, then what are you doing, what are you living for?  In the end you are no better than the other person lying in the ground next to you.

Right now you are now richer than Steve Jobs because you are living, so please make use of your time and put it to productive use.

I found this story of Steven Paul Jobs, it's long but well worth reading.

RIP Steve Jobs.

[Updated] Other links worth reading.

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