Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ohio, Canton, Akron USA Days 6 to 7

Day 6 (Oct 17)
Spent most of the day at the university again, but not before having lunch which was at Chipotle. I had some kind of Mexican burrito bowl.

Later in the evening we attended this event held at one of the university halls.  The topic of discussion was about the rise of China, that was interesting but I disagreed with some of the points they made.  For one China was a closed society until George Bush visited them in the 1970s, and that opened up China's borders.  That event led to their rise.  China was made and designed to rise, it is all part of a plan.  One of the speakers also said that Africa was a country (haha) and that the US were never good at industry!  That alone was enough to give me a heart attack.  She needs a history lesson because after World War 2 the US were the only country left in the world with manufacturing capability.  Every other country was decimated.  The US manufactured real things and sold to the rest of the world, the US had the world reserve currency because it was backed by something that represents money, gold.  Those two things represent why the US became an economic superpower.  Today the US dollar is backed by nothing and most of the world's manufacturing has been off-shored to China due to "cheap labour costs" (aka currency manipulation) or today's new word replacement for "slavery".  A service industry never works and never will work which is what the US has become.  By the way did you also know that if you open up a company in China you have to provide them with your patents?  Yes, so the Chinese are literally getting US technology for free.  And you wonder why they are rising?  Better start learning Chinese.

After the event we hung out back at K's parents place.  I also picked up my Back to the Future shoes.  They're sitting now in my room.  Will update this post later to include those photos.

Day 7 (Oct 18)
Had lunch in Chinatown at Superior Pho, and that was really good.  After that I went to the airport and caught the 11 hour flight back to Oslo.

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