Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Day 5 - Bronze Horseman, Ollis Pizza

Day 5, Bronze Horseman, Ollis Pizza, April 9th

9am ish Woke up, had breakfast in the hotel which pancakes, bread and oats. Then packed and checked out at 12pm. I dropped my luggage in the hotel, then took a walk to the bronze horseman.  My flight was 5:15pm so ideally I should be in the airport at 3:15pm.

Walked past St. Isaac's cathedral again, nice weather today.

12:48pm Arrived at the bronze horseman.

Bronze horseman (Медный всадник), statue of Peter the Great

Bronze horseman with St. Isaac's cathedral in the background

Took a short walk across the road to the Admiralty embankment along the neva river.

Admiralty embankment

By this time it was 1pm, so it was time for lunch which was Ollis pizza located a short walk away.  I ordered a mushroom, chicken, and blue cheese pizza, as well as a ham, pepperoni, tomato and cheese pizza.  Drinks were a beer and a mojito without alcohol.

Blue cheese pizza

After that it was time to get back to the hotel and head to the airport.  I went through customs again with the paranoid customs asking me if I spoke Russian in Russian.  The airport was packed by the way, took me an hour just to clear customs.  The plane was full as well.  I had to fly from St Petersburg to Stockholm, then Stockholm to Oslo.  Arriving into Arlanda airport in Stockholm, the customs officer even wanted to see my ticket to Oslo even though my Norwegian visa is shown clearly in my passport.  My flight was supposed to be for 6:30pm but it got delayed and we didn't depart till 7:15pm due to bad weather in Oslo.  I ended up buying a Stockholm picture book and a chicken sandwich in the airport before boarding the plane.  It was full of kids, who had flown to Spain for some sport or something and they were going back to Norway.  I ended up sitting next to them, and was on the window seat.  The kids who were about 12 or 13, were really curious about me and kept seeing what I was reading on my ipad, one of them even had the nerve to go through the front pocket of my seat!  Amazing.  The kid on the aisle introduced himself to me as well.  I can't remember his name to save my life but at least he was friendly.  Well he also manage to gas his pants and stink up the plane, that wasn't really nice.  Good thing the flight was only 45 minutes from Stockholm to Oslo, I would've gone a bit crazy otherwise.  The weather wasn't ideal coming back, it was raining.  Good news is I arrived back and in one piece at about 9:30pm.

I don't know when will be the next time I fly into St Petersburg but I'm guessing June or July or sometime in the later half of the year.  There's still places that I want to visit, like the Peterhof palace.  Meanwhile I'll have to make do in Norway.

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