Saturday, June 23, 2012

Helsinki, Finland, Day 3 - Temppeliaukio Church

10am Woke up and had pretty much the same breakfast as yesterday.  There's a whole bunch of Indians and Chinese staying at the hotel.  Not unusual nowadays.

1:30pm Checked out of the hotel.  Late check out is always a win.  The day's weather started off rather cloudy and you could sense it was going to rain.  The day's plan was to check out the Temppeliaukio Church which is a church built from a rock.  We caught the train to Central Station which just two stops or 5 minutes away. Ruoholahti to Kamppi to Rautatientori.  Cost is 2.20 euros.  Cheaper than the bus!

Catching the train... Central Station.

As you can see there's a real lack of human activity, because it's midsummer so everyone's gone.

Inside Central Station.

At Central Station we dropped off our luggage and put them into lockers.  3 euros for 24 hours.  Bargain.

Apartments behind Kamppi station.

It started to drizzle about 10 minutes into our walk.  But we arrived after another 15 minutes or so, it wasn't very far off.

Fredriksgatan, which is the road leading to Temppeliaukio Church.

Outside Temppeliaukio Church.  The dome is made of copper.

What's impressive is the inside of the Lutheran church, which is frequently used as a concert venue.

One candle to rule them all.

The church organ is on the right hanging off the wall.  It wasn't in use today.

Piano man.

View from the balcony.

No bricks here.

Copper dome.

When we left it was already pouring rain.  So we stopped at the nearby souvenir shop.  We bought a moomin scarf and a decorative finland plate.  Then we walked all the way to Kamppi under the rain, and had some lunch at a stall there that was close to the bus interchange.

3:30pm Lunch was salmon, I think it was 11 or 12 euros.

We picked up our things from the lockers close to 4pm and 11 minutes later we caught the 615 bus to the airport.

Before 5pm Arrived into Helsinki-Vantaa airport with plenty of time to spare.  My flight to Denmark was at 6:35pm.  We walked around, and I bought more Angry Birds candy from a newsagent.  I'm talking about these guys.

For once I prefer pigs to birds.

The green pig packed candy is good.  The red angry bird, has coke and lemon ones, and these taste pretty bad.  They taste like black liquorice, which I'm not fond of.  But the pig candy, that's good.  I see they have hidden the black coke lemon liquorice candy in the above packaging. :)  Anyway, around 5:40pm I had to say goodbye and go through customs, which was smooth sailing as there were not many people.

I even had time to go around the airport, to terminal 2, where I bought rye chips and some blueberry pie chocolate.
Chocolate, everyone's friend!

Also took some photos of the design area of the airport, they actually have a dedicated area for chair design in terminal 1.

Life is above moving your bum from one chair to another...

Same view different angle.

After I bought the chocolates I walked back to terminal 1 which eventually turned into a dash when an announcement was made for me to board the plane. :)

7:15pm Arrived into Copenhagen where I stopped over for an hour or so.  Dinner was some chicken curry at a restaurant.  I boarded the flight to Oslo at 8:40pm and arrived into Oslo at 9:50pm.  Eventually I arrived home at 11:30pm or so.  And so ends this year's 2012 Midsummer. :)  It will now slowly start to turn dark again, and the long summer days will soon turn into long wintery darkness.

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