Monday, August 6, 2012

Vilani, Latvia - Day 1 (Part Two)

So arriving in Vilani, I greeted A.'s grandma, her mum, her uncle and the uncle's wife who was also staying over at the grandma's place.  The house was pretty old, there's no water in the house, but there's electricity, and a well outside.  The toilets are outside the house, and literally holes in the ground.  And there's a huge vegetable paradise in the back.  The joys of living in the remoteness.  They used to have pigs and cows too in a barn that's now shut, but also part of the estate.

The well. :)

Squash, it's huge!



Tomatoe patch

Neighbour's house

The vegetable garden.


Green beans




Sunflowers, I've never seen them this big before, but apparently they can get bigger.

We went to the neighbour's garden and walked around, well the neighbour invited us over, so I went over and took more photos.

Petunia on the neighbour's fence.



I'm holding white apples, and that's mostly tomatoes growing in the greenhouse, and cucumbers.


Pretty flowers and friends.

There's the greenhouse at the back.

Another pretty flower, not sure of its name.

More flowers.


Apples, yes I know they are not green or red.



This post is mainly about the fruit and vegetables that are grown in the garden, which is pretty impressive I have to say.  I would willingly give up this urban lifestyle and go back to something simpler.  Nobody know how to cultivate anything nowadays and we just get fed crappy processed food.

Dinner was late, we didn't have dinner until 9:30 or so.  It was draniki, and some tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  We ate with the rest of the family.  It was weird for me of course, well I didn't speak any Russian, haha!  Also had some juice from berries, was it lingonberry?  It was a red berry.  We didn't sleep till 11pm.  A's mum was kind enough to put us in a small motel nearby.

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