Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 5 (Xmas Eve) and 6 (Xmas) - Solaris, Skoone Old Town

Dec 24 - Xmas Eve!  Yoghurt, bread and gouda cheese was breakfast and lunch.  Today we caught the tram to Solaris and watched "Cloud Atlas".  The movie was at 2:40pm and we arrived an hour and a half early, so we spent most of the time in the Apollo bookshop, which is the largest in Estonia.  We had hot chocolate, tea and some ice cream.  No pictures of the food.

Catching the tram to Viru Square.  The public transport is great in Tallinn and takes you everywhere you need to.

A Christmas market near Viru Square.  Viru Square is close to the Old Town.

Tammsaare Park.  It's close to Solaris Shopping Centre.

Apollo bookstore, this cafe is part of the bookstore.

Apollo bookstore.

5:30pm Dinner time, we had sushi at the aptly named restaurant "sushi house".

Cinemas up the stairs.  Taken from sushi house, a restaurant located on the same floor next to the box office.


After dinner we proceeded to the supermarket and bought some food to cook for the next day's meals since we figured most things will not be open on Christmas day.  We bought some noodles, chicken, juice, salad, prawns, ice cream, apple cider, crab stick, a can of corn kernels and wasabi almonds.  Back home we watched "Brilliantovaya ruka" on youtube, look it up, it's an old movie from 1969.  And had the noodles that we bought earlier.  Yes I was still hungry!

Dec 25 - Xmas!  Breakfast and lunch was a big yoghurt, cheese and bread.  Similar to the day before.  Most of the day was spent lazing around.  I made a video for a friend and sent it to her.  Tried to ring my parents too but they were too busy having fun to pick up the phone.

View from the apartment.  It was snowing.  A far cry from the warm tropical Xmases that I'm used to.


Xmas dinner.  Chicken, salad and buckwheat.

After dinner we took a short walk to Rimi and bought apple cider and tomato chips.  I was curious about those tomato chips and they didn't disappoint.  Anyway, we watched "Taxi" after that and I stayed up to blog about the first two days.  It was a pretty warm night, and I had a headache.  We had to get up early the next day because we were checking out and I didn't sleep till 1am or somewhere along those lines.

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