Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Day 1 - Pioneerskaya

4am Woke up and caught the early train to Gardemoen.  My rapid shower and breakfast was 30 minutes then it was another 30 minutes walk to the train station.  It was quiet, it was dark, and it was dead.

5:40am Arrived into Gardemoen, dropped off my luggage, then went through customs, it was quite quick, not many people were in the airport.  The flight to Copenhagen was timely as well.  I arrived on time, walked around a bit, went through customs since I'm leaving the Schengen area, and waited for maybe half an hour before resuming the second league (yes I'm a pro football player, hahaha).

9:35am Off to Russia!!

2:35pm Arrived into St Petersburg.  Customs was a bitch as usual, but nothing major and I went through after 10 minutes of looking at the customs officer.  A. picked me up at the airport and we went back and dropped off my luggage.  We caught the bus then the metro, all in all it took us about an hour to get home.  Then had lunch/dinner at her place which was pelmeni made by her mum.

Russian Pelmeni

They're really good, made from pork and I'm no pork fan honestly.  There's a reason why I'm known as  the "Little Muslim" in the family, years ago.

Didn't do much afterwards, well, we walked to the nearby shopping centre and I bought batteries for my luggage scale.  Then about 6pm we had some dinner at the Burger King, I just had to check out Russian burger king, what can I say.  Well there was nothing really special about it.  Anyway, after that we walked home.  Watched a Russian movie, that was cool, I also had borsch soup.  Yes I was still hungry.

Borsch soup

It's made from beetroots, and all sorts of Russian goodness.  Kudos to the chef. :)

Lights out, oh I can't even remember the time!  But it was late.  And I was really tired!

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  1. Second league or second leg? Haha. Maybe you are a pro soccer player. Just kidding. Happy easter GB!


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