Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Åndalsnes, Day 4 - Molde

This morning we caught the bus to Molde, famous for its footballing team as well as its views.  From the top of Molde, varden, you have splendid views of the surrounding islands.

Varden (Wikipedia)

We were given a tour by one of our work colleagues who lives there.  It was a pretty cloudy day so I didn't take that good a photo, but thankfully wikpedia has a decent photo.  I can understand why he moved from Oslo to Molde, I mean frankly the city is nothing compared to what nature has to offer.

The area is in danger of a tsunami.  Neighbouring islands will shift at some point, but apparently the situation is being monitored so hopefully when the time comes the evacuation will be successful, for lack of a better word.

We spent about an hour or two roaming around, buying "brus" which is a soda manufactured in Molde before catching the bus back to Åndalsnes and then the train back to Oslo.

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