Sunday, November 1, 2015

USA, New York, Day 7 - The High Line, Central Park

6th October This morning I woke up relatively late, around 8:30am.  I had to check out before 10am, it was a slow morning, but we checked out before 10am and left our luggage at the hostel.  Thereafter breakfast was at Ange Noir Cafe which was a block down, I had a bagel.


It was after 10 at this point and then we went to the Metro, or rather we tried but turns out M forgot her metro card, which was left in her jacket back in the hostel, so we had to go back to the hostel.  At the point I asked if they sold stamps so I looked for my wallet and guess what, I realised I left my wallet along with all my documents back at the cafe.  Immediately I rushed back to the cafe where my items were still sitting on the chair to my relief!  Small mercies, thankfully M lost her metro card otherwise I probably would have realised it much later.

Anyway I bought maybe 2 stamps because that's all the hostel had.  Had to get the rest from a post office.  First stop was the High line, which was near the 14th St Metro.  After that we took the walk all the way uptown.

Along the High Line.

Along the High Line.

Along the High Line.

Flowers along the High Line.

Along the High Line.  Lots of plants along the way.

Along the High Line.

Along the High Line.

Along the High Line.

Along the High Line.  We stopped here for a short break and added to the exhibition (we built some lego) which consisted of only white lego, crowd-sourced.

Along the High Line.  Train depot.

The High Line near the docks, uptown.

After that we sat down and had a short rest break, then took the metro to the Museum of Natural History where M used the bathroom.  But not before walking to the post office near 14th St where I bought my postage stamps and posted my postcards to various friends around the world.

Going back to the 14th Street Metro.

2pm or so Arrived at the Museum of Natural History, used the bathroom then took a walk to Central Park.

Inside the Museum of Natural History.  I was here earlier in 2009.

Museum of Natural History.

Central Park, it was a nice day out.

Central Park.

Strawberry Fields, Lennon Memorial.

It was close to 4pm at this point.  M needed to buy a ticket back home and she didn't have a credit card so I allowed her to use mine.  Her bus was at 6pm, but she had to go back to the hostel to get her stuff, so I caught the metro with her and we said goodbye on the metro.  I caught the metro again down to China town.

And we're back!

5pm I stopped at a vietnamese place and had some vietnamese pho and spring rolls.  Call it a late lunch.

Spring rolls.

Beef pho.

After that it was the metro back to the hostel where I picked up my stuff, rested a bit and then left around 6:30pm.  My flight at JFK was at 10:55pm, but I wanted to arrive a bit early with plenty of time as you never know what traffic is light on the metro.  Which was a really good thing too because the metro had a delay, a rather long delay close to 30 minutes due to some investigation that was going on at a train station.  I was almost afraid that I would miss my plane but thankfully it resumed moving.

After 2 connections I made it to the airport, checked in and all was good in the world.  I had a salad around 9pm for dinner.

Chicken salad.

10:20pm or so, boarded the plane to London.  They fed us more food on the plane, very average food.  I had the chicken as I recall.  Local time arrival into London was 11am, I went to Wagamama where I ordered some noodles, it was really average and completely overpriced.

Seafood noodles.

Around 12pm or so I boarded the plane to Oslo.

Airplane salad.  Not very exciting.

Eventually I got back around 5pm Oslo time.  I had a good time overall, really tired at times, ridiculously exhausted but still I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  New York is awesome!  And the falls were a sigh to behold.  Even though I planned of all this in only in 2 hours and I had less than 48 hours to get ready I still pulled it off.

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