Saturday, November 27, 2010

Norway, it's expensive

I just went to get some groceries from Rema 1000, a popular Norwegian supermarket.  Here's what I bought

  • 2 bowls of instant noodles
  • 2 packets of instant soup
  • 1 crayfish pasta
Here's the receipt

If you can't read it clearly, the cost for each items in Norwegian Kroner, Australian dollars and Singapore dollars are as follows:

Instant noodles 21.60 NOK - 3.64 Australian dollars - 4.63 Singapore dollars
Crayfish pasta        38.50 NOK - 6.48 Australian dollars - 8.25 Singapore dollars
Instant soup        9.50 NOK - 1.60 Australian dollars - 2 Singapore dollars

The total bill was 100.70 NOK - 16.96 Australian dollars - 21.59 Singapore dollars

For lunch earlier I had about 15 pieces of sushi for 140 NOK - 23.57 Australian dollars - 30 Singapore dollars.  You can easily spend at least 100 Australian dollars here on meals.

I found an indian shop earlier and the price of rice was about 3 Australian dollars a kilo.  Roughly two to three times higher than what it costs in Australia.  They did sell some reasonably priced instant noodles for 8 NOK though but the flavour they were selling wasn't to my liking so I didn't purchase from them.


  1. Mmm.... that's more or less 12€. I think you can buy that stuff for 8€ here, but Galicia is kind of cheap compared to other european places. I hope you can move in soon to your place!

  2. I have to find a place first though. That's the annoying part. :) But even then it still doesn't change the fact that things are expensive here but at least then I will be able to cook my own food.


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