Monday, June 5, 2017


In two days I'll be visiting London.  Only not too long ago some madmen went and attacked Manchester.  I feel great anger and sadness when I read such news.  Such sad state of affairs, my heart just wants to bleed.  It is absolute madness.  Can a fire be put out with more fire?  Can hate be fought with more hate?  Are people retarded?  Resounding yes.  Sadly this level of stupidity will never end and will continue for however long that men shall walk the Earth. Let us believe that someone is morally superior to another just because they follow a religion and that violence will solve more violence.

An equation can only be balanced by an opposite reaction.  More violence only begets more violence.   War just has to stop.  Perhaps even the preaching of religion even.  No religion has ever stopped any wars.  In fact nothing has ever stopped people hating each other.  And for what?  To prove that you are "right"?

Life is a gift.  No one wants to die, yet we do stupid shit to each other.

Today the world is suffering from a serious lack of love.  Lord knows I haven't been the best person, but I've always tried to be.  Never foster hate in your life, because all that negativity is not good for you mentally or physically.  Love everyone, or at least, tolerate them.  For all their flaws and imperfections.  No one is perfect.  Online social lives and images are a complete lie at best.  No one has a perfect life.  Everyone has problems, because everyone is human.  There is no point being jealous, for behind every perfection there are several skeletons in the closet.

Nothing lasts throughout time, only love is everlasting.  Even happiness itself never lasts.  Life is a cycle, full of ups and downs.  Marriage won't solve all your problems if you have existing problems.  Only by working through issues constantly can anything be overcome.  Today people give up so easily on everything.  Whatever happened to vows and perseverance?

Today I sent an email to my first ever girlfriend telling her I love her.  And why not?  Of all the people I've been with, I *still* love them one way or another.  Is that weird?  Perhaps that's just me.  But to forget your past is to forget a part of who you are.  If you ever really loved someone, then you will know that love never really dies.  If only we would remind ourselves to constantly love, no matter what, imagine what society would look like.  You might not feel the same attraction towards them on day one, but what you feel never really dies.

Or perhaps I've always just been an old romantic at heart.

Love everyone.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Norway unemployment

Norway's unemployment has declined.  Hooray?  Not so fast, it's only because fewer actual people are working and more have given up and are living off welfare.

See here in Norwegian, and here in English.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Expat Survey 2016

I received the following report from Internations, which is pretty accurate since it's feedback from real life expats rather than from some number churning economist.

The best destinations for Expats 2016.