Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to get a job in Norway

This morning I woke up and felt like doing something non productive, so I have created the following simple easy to understand image for anyone seeking a job in Norway.  This guide is for 2011, effectively immediately and into the foreseeable future.  If anyone asks you the common question "How do I get a job in Norway?", please refer them to this image.  This image will save time for people who need to reply, explain how to get a job, clicking buttons, wasted saliva, energy and hair pulling frustration.  It could also save your life if you did not know the answer and you were held at gun point.  All of that can be solved by referring them to this image.

If you cannot view the image clearly, just click on it for a larger version that can be printed and displayed on the job seeker's wall to keep said job seeker motivated.

Big hint!  You may want to consider learning Norwegian if you are serious about moving here.  If you do not speak Norwegian you will not be able to get a job here, no matter what your qualifications are.

So I can't say it enough.  Learn Norwegian!

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