Monday, December 27, 2010

God Jul Dinner

Tonight I had my first American Christmas Dinner in Norway.  It was with Carl and his family, they're from Utah.  Carl picked me up at 3:30 and we had dinner at 4ish pm.  Carl's a friend from work, he moved to Norway last year around December, so this year's the first time he's having Christmas with his family in Norway.  Did you know Americans celebrate their Christmas on Christmas day whereas Norwegians celebrate it on New Year's Eve?

Dinner was turkey, green peas, potato, grapes, turkey stuffing and gravy.  It was really good, compliments to the chef, Carl's wife, Kami.  He has 4 kids, James, Joseph, Sam and Annie.  His kids are really nice, and cute.  Sam's full of energy, the moment I walked in he showed me his angry birds game on the iPad.  Annie showed me her dolls and James and Joseph were busy mashing on their x-arcade joystick that Carl bought them.  It's very cool.  I got to play old games that I used to play many years ago.  It's called MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

Here's a photo that I took using my Lumix camera and magic timer technology.  Clockwise from the left, Kami, Annie, Carl, Me, Joseph, Sam and James.

This is a video that is played every year once a year during Christmas, in Norway.  It's in English but they've dubbed it in Norwegian on TV.  Did you know Norway only had a single free to air TV channel in the early 90s?  Now they have three. :)

Carl told me the house he bought (which they are living in) does not come with circuit breakers even though it was built in the 1980s.  It's only equipped with a fusebox.  The house is not designed to have many electrical devices in use at the same time.

Here's a nice Christmas song by a Norwegian artist by the name of Maria Mena.  One of the girls in Cisco sang it a few days ago at work in the cantina as part of demo day.  You can find the song on YouTube but it's blocked for me, however I did find a link which worked, the song is called Home For Christmas.

Thanks Carl for a great Christmas evening.

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