Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy St Lucia Day

Today's St Lucia Day!  Apparently in school kids sing songs, eat buns made from saffron and the oldest girl in the grade gets to wear candles on their head.  That's about as much as I know.  Gunnar's wife made the buns and I tried them, they were very saffrony.  Prema made cheese cake today too and that was pretty good.  After that we had a discussion on how alcohol is made.  I just realised my current blog entries really makes it sound like we don't do a lot of work but honestly we do. :)  If you want to know about what today is really about look up wikipedia, the article is here

In other news I looked at an apartment today that wasn't was what depicted in the ad, ad said 36 square meters and the place I looked at was only 19!  It was a shoebox.  Location was good though.  Looks like I'm going to have to continue looking even though I don't have much time left.  Went through more ads and pulled a few out so hopefully will get to view them soon.

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