Monday, December 20, 2010

Risgrøt for lunch and terrorists on the east side

Today at work we had Risgrøt for lunch, it's Norwegian rice porridge and you normally have it during Christmas.  It's sort of like congee except you use milk instead of water.  Initially I thought it was oatmeal but it was rice.  There's a recipe for it available here.  Tastes rather alright actually, but if you have too much it can be a bit heavy.  You would normally have it as a desert rather than a meal.  Gunnar said you would also put an almond into the pot when you cook it and the person who gets the almond in their bowl when it's being served gets a present.  Nice.

Terrorists, I wanted to bring that up because there's a well known "terrorist" by the name of Mullah Krekar who lives in Oslo.  Apparently he is the neighbour to a few of my work collegues, and just lives a few blocks down to where they live. :)  My manager is really paranoid about people who live in the east side of Oslo, he thinks they are bad and it's all shady.  My manager wouldn't even take me to the rental places in the east that I wanted to see.  He said if I valued my life I wouldn't go.  He lives in the west side.  It seems that people who live in the west think that way of the east.  But my work collegues who live in the east don't think it's unsafe. :)  Funny eh?

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