Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photos of the Stabekk area

I haven't posted many photos since I moved so today I finally took some photos of the surrounding area.  Stabekk is a mostly residential suburb with a couple of shops.  Population of around 6000 plus.  It's a posh area and has the highest income per capita in Norway, according to Wikipedia (but since I've moved, maybe not ;) ).  According to Wikipedia, Stabekk residents are frequently portrayed and stereotyped as snobs in Norwegian culture.

 Entrance to my flat
View outside my door, neighbour's car
Other houses, this is the view I get outside of my door

Neighbours trampoline, for see only no touchy touchy

Shed, around the corner, part of the house. Go past the gates and straight ahead is the driveway to the main road.

Landlord's door entrance, this is just past the gates (refer to above picture) and on the right

View of the house from the front, I live in the back.

Zebra crossing with man wearing a hat. No hat no cross!!

This is the turnoff to the main street.  I live on a hill but there are higher hills.

One of the many large houses along the street

Main road

Another house

And another one

Beware the yellow snow. People let their dogs pee and poo everywhere.

House close to the park where I walk through everyday

Walking path through the park, pretty huh?

The park

Zoomed out view, park comes with soccer nets too

Found a balloon in the snow

If only it was summer....

Houses next to the park

More houses

View from the other end of the park

Some trees that I took growing inland off the main road

Slow down or risk the wrath of a stinky fart!!


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