Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Work permit approved plus some randomness

My work permit's approved!  I am now officially authorised to work here for 3 years.  Tomorrow morning I'll be going to the Sandvika police station (again) and hopefully for the last time to get another stamp in my passport.  Now if only they would hurry up and approve my national id so I can open a bank account!

On to some randomness, this morning whilst walking to work I picked up someone's fitness card that was sticking out in the snow.  I googled the name behind the card and turns out it's one of my neighbours, they live about 650 metres away.  I sms'd and later rung them to make sure it was the right person, so tomorrow morning before catching the train to the police station I'll take a detour and drop it off in their mailbox.  I even wrapped up the card and put in some chocolate pieces because I can.  Oh, the random things I do for strangers.

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