Friday, March 18, 2011

A 13 year old that I admire

I love to read articles like this.  It goes against every convention that's taught or drilled in everyone.  To go to school.  To get good grades.  That you need "experience" to start a business.  That you somehow need to be "smart".  That you need a business degree.  To me those excuses are the biggest blobs of bullshit that I hear about and frankly, just excuses for you not to start early.  I give credit to that kid for taking initiative and courage for just trying.  These are the type of people I truly admire.  I am not impressed by material things, what you own, what titles you have nor how much monopoly paper you make.  America needs more people like this kid if they are ever to be great again.  Not larger taxes, bigger government, or more regulation.  Not going to school to study for an eternity.  He is what I call a pie maker.  Think about the business as a pie, employees consume some part of the pie.  The one who makes the pie will always be worth a lot more than everyone else who eats it.  The mainstream always says jobs jobs jobs but it's never about jobs it's always about the pie.  It's never about money that's the problem it's always about something else within yourself.  The world is literally awash in money.  People have been so misled nowadays it's not even funny.  If it's anything I wish for anyone is that they would read more, learn more, and seek truth outside of your life and examine things around you, to question everything, to never stop learning.  Question even facts, what you take for granted.  What people tell you  for granted.  Learn to think and question!

Ok, time for bed.

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