Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speed sledding at Korketrekkeren

This morning Adrian, Kjetil and I went snow toboganning from Frognerseteren to Midtstuen, this run is known as the Korketrekkeren toboggan run. It runs for 2 kilometres and the drop is 255 metres. It was super duper fun. We did it for close to 5 hours. That's a lot of toboganning. Right now my bum is as sore as anything.  Ouch.

You might want to watch this Korketrekkeren video on youtube, the track is the same track that we were on.  It's pretty fast downhill.  We raced downhill.  Kjetil won all the races between the 3 of us.  But I blame my tropical upbringing and Kjetil's inner Norwegian force on why he won all of them.

Other highlights...
  • I crashed into a tree.
  • I managed to run over the edge.
  • At some point my helmet flew off too.
  • Manage to do a 360 spin and go backwards.
I'm still alive though. :)

Here's some photos.

That's the holmenkollen ski jump in the background, the little one though.  There's a bigger one.

That's Oslo in the background.  This was taken outside the Frognerseteren restaurant.  We needed a break so we ate some food there.  I had a croissant, jam doughnut and some cinnamon chocolate bread.  Way too much sugar.  But it was good for my taste buds.

After this afternoon you could say I'm bummed out.  Fortunately Adrian's vehicle had seat warming so it was good therapy for our behinds.  So maybe we won't be as(s) sore tomorrow.

Haha I'm so funny with words tonight. :P


  1. Whoa that toboggan run looks wicked man. Didja try skiing as well?

  2. You should've joined us, you would have loved it for sure! As for skiing, yep sure did! I talked about it in a previous blog post


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