Sunday, March 13, 2011

A typical work day

What's a typical day at work like for me?  Here's a rundown working at a company that some people would dream to work for.

8:15 AM - Wake up, have breakfast, shower, and prepare to go to work

9:00 AM - Leave for work, I take a walk down two hills, often risking my life and limb.  No kidding.  There's a lot of ice and snow.  One slip and you could be crippled for life.  Of course you have the Norwegian social security system to support you so it would not be that bad but I would rather not have that happen.

9:30 AM - Arrive at work, or maybe a bit later depending on the weather.  More ice means I have to walk more slowly.  Will probably change during winter.

10:00 AM - Have our scrum meetings.  Each of us in the team take turns and we talk about what we did the day before.  We also talk about what we would be doing that day.

10:10 AM - Time for real work.  This can mean many things.  Some play foosball. ;)  I will be writing the codes for the machines.  Presently this is all WPF and C#.  I work with one architect at the moment and am given almost entire freedom to do what I want which is quite liberating.

11:00 AM - Lunch.  Norwegians have really early lunches.  Sometimes people will start walking before 11 am :)  The cafeteria is in a separate building, it takes about 5 minutes to get there.  Lunchtime is quite busy.  We have warm food served and a salad bar.  It's all buffett style.  Friday's lunch is sausages, and Wednesday is usually fish.  There's bread to choose from, and the salad bar has a variety of food ranging that includes lettuce, carrot, cucumber, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, egg, tomatoes, olives, corn, dressing, pasta, prawns, etc.  It is pretty damn good.

11:30 AM - Back to work.  On Tuesday we have planning meetings, but this only happens every fortnight.  Between now and dinner time there's foosball involved, discussions about work/non work, possibly food involved (we have a freezer stocked with frozen microwave food, so if you're still hungry, go for it!), drinks (water, coke, pepsi, pepsi light) from the fridge, and fruit.  There's also cereal, bread, milk, juice, coffee, yoghurt and yeah.  A whole lotta stuff.  I often try to get up and walk around the office even if it's to get to the toilet.  Everyone in my office is Norwegian except for one person so often I am really clueless on what they talk about until someone deciphers it for me.

5:15 PM - Dinner time! (Or go home time!)  Mondays and Wednesdays we get served dinner cooked by an awesome chef.  Other days you're free to take meals from the freezer.  Most people usually go home around this time or before.  I usually leave between 5 to 6 but I've stayed till 8:30 PM before.

So that's my typical work day working in a Norwegian company.  Take note that some of the things that I mention isn't normal for a Norwegian company, it's just one of the perks we get as an employee.

Questions feel free to comment!


  1. Sounds great ... where do you work ?? :)

  2. Cisco, we also get cool presents like this. And later this year we're going to have a trip to Europe somewhere, it's a surprise.

  3. Yeah it's pretty awesome, I have to admit :)

  4. Thats what I dont understand too. Why is the road/sidewalk so icy and slippery? You can barely walk safely. I almost needed to hold onto a stranger one day on my way to the train station. Road condition is much better in Canada.

    Jeg tror jeg gikk forbi kontoret ditt et par ganger på min vei til Sandvika. Hvordan går det?

  5. Yes I almost fell several times walking back home today. The hardest part is walking downhill when there's melting ice, it's so easy to fall!

    Jeg er sann passe. Hope you're better. :) Ja if you catch the bus to Sandvika it stops near the office. You can also catch the tog but you have to walk about 10 minutes.


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