Monday, April 25, 2011

Go kart racing, Easter weekend, and holiday to Europe!

God Paaske!

On Wednesday the 20th of April we went go kart racing at Harald Huysman Karting.  That was really fun but it was quite a bit of work, it was tiring!  No safety belts and you could go up to 50kms an hour and there were a lot of turns.

I did the normal smash into the track wall route twice but escaped unscathed with nothing other than bruises and muscle aches.

After that we retreated home, had some food, watched 24, Come Fly With Me and then went to Karl Johans Gate and watched the Copa Del Rey final between Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Real Madrid won 1 - 0 after extra time.

Thursday (which was a public holiday here) I went to have a picnic with Nataliya, her boyfriend, Valentina and several others who I have some recollection of.  There were 2 Australians too, a few ukranians, a hondurian-American, a Kenyan and maybe 1 norwegian?  Oh there was also a french guy from the south named Stefan.  Chopper Reed says harden the f up Stefan... ;)  Anyway it was a nice afternoon, lovely weather.  Many pølser.  People bring in portable bbq pits which you can just buy in the shop and just cook them over the bbq.  It's very different to how it's done in Australia.

Good Friday I stayed home and did packing, mostly the same for Saturday and Sunday I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow for a holiday around Europe!

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Norway (Bergen then to Oslo)
It should be supert!!!

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