Monday, April 25, 2011

Kontiki Museum

On 17th April we went to the Kontiki Museum to learn about how a norwegian by the name of Thor Heyerdahl and a crew of five others managed to sail across South America to Polynesia on a raft. 7000 kms and just over 101 days.  That's pretty impressive!

Living on a raft, castaway class!

Shark's fin soup?  Me likey.

Two wannabe explorers

Thor was an artist and liked to draw too.  Here are some two of his works.

An assorted collection of thingamajigs collected over expeditions.

Here's another boat that was constructed called the RA II.  It was used in another expedition that set sail across the Atlantic from Morocco.


We also took a walk around the harbour and took photos like the next one.

You can see Oslo city in the background.

Dinner was at Djengis Khan, again.  I was there the previous week but went anyway since Adrian hadn't tried it before.  Don't think I'll be going there again anytime soon. :)

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