Sunday, April 24, 2011

The weekend when I was a tour guide (part 2)

Turning back the clock to 10th of April, that morning I accompanied Kwee Siong and Gloria on the Oslo fjord cruise.  Pictures are available here, the Oslo fjord still looks the same.  We caught the 10:30am ferry which went till 12:30pm.  That day was also the Oslo's Tourist In Your Own City day so I picked up one of the passes.  After that we went to a nearby tourist shop where they purchased some souvenirs and I talked to the guy who worked there.  He's originally from Pakistan but moved when he was 8.  I think I have his number somewhere in my phone now.  Anyway moving on we had lunch at TGI Friday's along Karl Johans Gate after my friends were done shopping.

Smiling for food

After lunch I accompanied my fellow Singaporeans back to their hotel where they picked up their luggage.  We then took a walk to the harbour where they caught the ship to Copenhagen and then a flight back to Singapore.  After I bid them farewell and have a superb trip back to Singapore, I took the metro to Tøyen on the dangerous east side of Oslo.  I was originally intending to visit the museum of natural history which consists of the botanical garden, geological museum and zoological museum.  Unfortunately everything except the botanical garden was closed.

Outside of the zoological museum.  This is taken within the botanical garden itself.

Geological museum.  Looks similar to the zoological museum.

So I took a walk around the botanical garden and went to the Munch museum instead to learn about Edvard Munch, he's the famed artist of The Scream.  Here's some of his other paintings.

Det Syke Barn II, a painting of his sister's death.


The Scream

Death In The Sickroom

Dagny Juel Przybyszewska, one of his girlfriends

I have to say he lead a really interesting life!  He was nearly married at some point in his life but conveniently lost the papers everytime he was supposed to get married.  Many of his paintings are based on his life and his experiences.  In the end he died a lonely person and when they discovered his body the doors to his estate had rusted shut.

After 3 hours of munchness I left for home. :)

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