Monday, April 18, 2011

The weekend where I was a tour guide (part 1)

Turning back the clock to the 9th and 10th of April, on that fateful weekend I met an old friend from Singapore, Kwee Siong (2 words makes up his first name, like many typical Chinese names) and his wife Gloria (unsure what her Chinese name is).  He's an old friend from Secondary School, we were never in the same class but we played table tennis together.  He was in Denmark for work and took a few extra days to tour around Scandinavia so he went to Sweden and after that he caught the train to Oslo.  Since he was here only for 2 days,

So of course I volunteered to be his tour guide for the weekend.  He was here only for 2 days, and I had planned a schedule of sorts in my head.  If you're in Oslo just for a weekend, you might find this useful.  If you're never in Oslo, you might find this useful if you ever come to Oslo.  And if you're never going to be in Oslo, just relax, read and enjoy the pictures in the comfort of your chair.

Day 1 - 12:45pm or there abouts

We started off at the Thon Hotel Stefan and walked along Karl Johans Gate.  Our first destination was lunch, and I suggested sushi, specifically Sakana Sushi.  On the way we took photos of a storm trooper and a giant viking lego man.

I didn't even know there's a Lego store until that afternoon.  Hmm who will win in a one on one, lego viking man or stormtrooper?  My odds are on the lego viking man.  His thighs are the size of the trooper's face!

Lunch was good as always.  The sushi in Norway is freaking fantabulous.  I swear Norway has the best sushi in the entire world.  And I've had a lot of sushi.

It only looks like regular sushi, but it tastes a heck lot better.

After sushi we took a walk to City Hall.  I was there last year (wow it's been almost a year already!).

Saying 'Sushi', outside City Hall

After a brief wonder about, we resumed our walk to Aker Brygge.  Our original intent was to catch the Oslo ferry and go around the Oslo fjord but we had missed the last one and didn't want to wait for the next one as most shops shut tomorrow, so it was best to shop that afternoon.  So, instead we took a walk along Akershut Festning.  It was a lovely afternoon with sun!  It was a perfect day to go walking.  Oh lovely warm weather, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

Aker Brygge area, on the right is where you catch ferries.

You can see the ferry area just behind us.

Part of the fortress

After Akershus Festning we walked to Frogner Park.  Along the way we stopped for Snickers ice cream (Mmmm... ice cream....) and the Moods of Norway shop (located at Hegdehaugsveien leading to Majorstuen).

Moods of Norway shop, this is part of the interior.  Swish huh?

Frogner park, this was about 5pm when this photo was taken.

Group photo with the monolith.  It's assembled from around 80ish odd human bodies.

Finally I get a picture with Sinnataggen!

Man with super baby glue powers.  Possibly to compensate for something that he is lacking.

My dear guests.

Everything still looks pretty dead but come summer it will look all bright and happy.

We were pretty bummed out after walking half a day and caught the train from Majorstua to Oslo S where we had a buffet dinner at Djengis Khan.  The cost was 169 nok per person (about 30 Australian dollars).

Outside Djengis Khan

Dinner was fulfilling.  You get to pick from pork, beef, lamb, prawns, chicken or shrimp.  And for vegetables you get to pick from carrot, water chestnut, bamboo shoot, capsicum, leek, onion and mushrooms.  There was also a variety of sauce from szechuan to pepper steak to curry.  And rice as well.    If you eat like a horse like I do, I would recommend it.

We left around 10ish and I didn't get home till 12 midnight.  It was a very long day!

I'll continue this post tomorrow, it's 1:30am now.  Blogging takes so much time, I've been doing this for more than an hour.


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