Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Sketching

Summer holidays are over soon and my graveyard work shifts will be coming to an end.  The weather has been surprisingly warm.  I say surprising because the past few weeks have been on and off.  Last week was really warm.  Bugs love my apartment.  They come in here, fly around and then die.  Then I'll have to sweep them up the next time I clean the apartment.  Thanks bugs.

Work has been quite slow since everyone is on holidays.  Good thing there is ice cream to look forward to at work.  I've been eating ice cream everyday for a while now.

I did more sketching tonight.  Took me an hour or so.  Same materials as the last time.  Except this time I used a clean sheet of paper.

Unnamed Girl

I'll start sketching more perhaps.  It gives me focus.  And I'm sure some people will appreciate my art!

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