Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two parties a week ago

A week ago I got invited to two house parties, one on the Friday (29th July) and Saturday (30th July).  None of the girls are Norwegian but everyone's European.  Sometimes it seriously feels like I'm like the only Asian in Norway!

It started out with an invitation to only 1 party, and at the first party I met Miss M and she invited me over to another party at a place the following day.  So, it wasn't really planned to begin with.

The first party was conversational and finger food,  I like good conversation.  Keeps my motor neurons humming.

Four women toasting to world peace, while I eat a piece of cheese in celebration of Obama's Hope(less) mission.

The second party was a bit bigger and there was a lot more stuff going on I guess.  I probably had too much to drink, not that I am a drinker to begin with.  But we went to a night club at 1:30am or so for dancing and I didn't get home till 4am.  It was quite a blur.  There were a lot of people.  Sunday was spent half the day lying in bed.  There were other people too, a brazilian guy and a few other Europeans.  Mostly from Serbia/Bosnia.

Maybe we could make a tv show, four European girls and an Asian guy.

So that was my weekend a week ago.  Delayed blog entry. :)

Today I went shopping in Sweden with a friend.  The weather was bad today, just rain and rain and rain.   Summer in Oslo is just fantabulous if you love rain!

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