Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day

This morning my family and I had yum cha at a restaurant in Chinatown.  We were late in the queue but fortunate enough to get a seat within 5 minutes because our table was for 4 even though we only asked for a table of 2.  And the reason was because we just wanted to get seats quickly because I had an appointment to go to within an hour of us getting there, but anyway...  no photos, but the food is good. :)

Taken along Temple Street, you can see lanterns are up in preparation for Chinese New Year.

I attempted to watch Sherlock Holmes after the food escape with a friend but I fell in and out of sleep during the movie. I'm still quite jet lagged.  So sleepy even right now... but I can't say no to food so we had some after that at Swensen's.  I picked a grilled chicken salad and a frozen chocolate malt.

Later I waited with the same friend, they caught the bus home and I took a photo at the bus stop.  By this point I was becoming a bit delirious.

The tallest building in the foreground used to be called Westin Stamford, now known as Swissotel The Stamford and next to Raffles Place.  I've been to the top of the building, that was in 1992.  Constructed in 1986, it used to be the tallest hotel in the world.

After my friend left I walked to Funan Centre, and just looked at the shops.  And there was some practise dancing going on, everyone dancing was middle aged.  It was entertaining.  Especially shortly after they were playing this song and just looking at them do the moves, it was really something. :)

Took a cab to Tampines Mall after that where I had dinner with my parents.

Tomorrow I'll be going to be spending the day at Universal Studios, that will be fun.

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