Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Singapore

Today was humid, really humid, it was around 30 degrees C.  I'm even sweating indoors now, and outside it feels like I'm in a swimming pool, except I'm swimming in clothes.  Welcome to Christmas in Singapore! The weather has been rainy lately, it didn't rain this morning so that was good.  I had an early start at 7:30am, went to meet a friend and we had some tim sum in the food court at wisma atria.  Only a few stalls were open but no matter food is food and food is good.  After that we bought tickets to Mission Impossible and then had more food at Mos Burger.  I had a teriyaki chicken burger, ebi rice burger, corn soup, garlic and lemon frittered mussels and a green salad with thousand island dressing.

Okay you can't really see the food but I assure you, it's tasty.  After that we went to buy more food to eat while watching the movie (can you sense a theme here?).

Here's a photo of the Ion Orchard building from the Lido building.  The Lido top floor was renovated, many of the old stalls are now gone, there used to be a McDonald's, a Long John's Silver, a stall selling bubble tea, that's all disappeared.  Seems to be a common theme in Singapore nowadays, stalls just come and go.

That Christmas tree reminds me of the one I saw in Riga

After the movie, I was approached by some Americans to take photos of them with some Alvin and the chipmunk statues outside the cinema.  I asked them what they were doing in Singapore but they seemed reluctant to tell me, but they did recognise my "Don't tread on me" shirt and all of them were from different US states, and it was 2 girls and a guy.  I suspect they're from the military.  But who knows?  Anyway that was interesting for a while.

Had more food after that, and then dinner, followed by reading an inspiring story in a bookstore, and a few hours later, I attempted to get home from the Orchard MRT station but that was blocked so I had to walk all the way to the Somerset station in a sea of people.  Not fun.  But I got to take some photos.

People people everywhere!

More food adventures tomorrow.


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