Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore, and other bits and bobs

This morning was an early start, I met a friend at harbour front MRT station.  I took this photo onboard the train.  Just to reinforce the Singapore is a fine city joke. :) Better to smoke than bring flammable goods!  And durians?  I wonder why is there no fine for that!

At Vivo city (where the harbour front MRT station is located) I walked out and guess what I saw, the same elephant exhibition that were on display earlier this year in Copenhagen!

Vivo City weird architecture outside, large interior inside.

Universal Studios is located on Sentosa island.  Prior to today I did not even know of its existence in Singapore.  Anyway, Sentosa has undergone a massive change over the past few years.  And I mean massive, it has undergone massive renovations, parts of which are just unrecognisable.

We took the monorail to our stop and afterwards I had to get my ticket from an electronic printout of the receipt, I ordered the ticket online.  The queue was long, very long, to get in, to buy tickets, it was all loooong.

The spinning globe at the entrance

Here come the crowds!

We went on the madagascar king julien's beach party go round (carousel ride),  the revenge of the mummy (rollercoaster), battlestar galatica human (rollercoaster) and saw the waterworld show.  That was all I could tolerate for the day.  There were other rides to go on, including a transformers ride which was the new attraction but you had to queue 3 hours for that to go on something that lasts last than 5 minutes.  My patience was stretched with the battlestar galatica one, that took an hour and a half.  For some reason that made me wish I was in Norway or Australia.  Just too many people in one spot, and I was getting mad and impatient.

We like to move it move it

The Shrek Castle

The battlestar galatica rides consist of 2 tracks, red and blue.  I was on the red one.

And of course we have our favourite bumble bee on display.

The gray building is supposed to be the New York Public Library


Rockefeller Centre

I liked the waterworld show, that was fun.  If you sat on the green seats you get sprayed by the actors.  On purpose.

I left at 6:30 to catch the monorail back to Vivo city then caught a cab back home.

Now it's time to post this!

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