Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flensburg, Germany, Day 3

7am Another early start this morning.  After breakfast we set off to Flensburg, to drop off another box at the post office there.  The journey again is over 239km and the route was roughly like this.

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Flensburg is a town in Germany close to the Danish border, with a population of roughly 89000 as of December 2010.  We didn't stop too long here, probably about half an hour.  I spent some time taking photos along the harbour.

Boats along the harbour.

Walking path along the harbour.

Ship yard museum.

Ship yard museum.

Cathedral in the distance.

Closer view of the same cathedral.

Part of the ship yard museum.

Old propeller.

The city is all along the right and far end.

After Flensburg it was pretty much driving all the way through Denmark and Sweden.  Here's a photo taken along one of the rest stops in Sweden, the area is known as Västra Götalands.

Sweden and Denmark are littered with wind turbines.  Denmark provides 20% of its electrical needs via wind turbines.  The Great Belt Bridge in Denmark has many wind turbines and looks spectacular.

Øresund Bridge (part of the Great Belt Fixed Link)

The East Bridge seen from the top of eastern pylon. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

8:30pm Back in Oslo after approximately 3000 km of travelling in just 3 days.  It's been very much the  Japanese style of travel, board off the bus, and snap photos, hop back on.

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