Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Not So Norwegian Constitution Day, Day 1 - Rheine, Germany

17th of May is Constitution Day in Norway.  This time last year I was holidaying in Berlin.  This year instead of going to the city to see a day of Norwegians in dress, I went with a friend to Germany.  The drive was about 15 hours stretching from Oslo to a village close to the Holland German border.  The plan was to visit Amsterdam for an afternoon then back to Oslo on the 19th of May.  Here's the route taken.  We left at 6am.  The journey took us through Sweden and Denmark.

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We arrived at about 8pm at a hotel close to the border in the Rheine area, it was a different hotel than the originally one planned due to an unplanned-could-not-retrieve-the-hotel-address event.  Stops along the way included a McDonald's in Denmark and other rest stops.

Here's photos taken around the hotel area.

Across the street from the hotel car park.

Outside the hotel.

The hotel outside dining area which is a small garden.

Spotted some naughty hedgehogs in the garden.

Hotel next door neighbour.

Dinner was at the hotel, it was Chicken Schnitzel with Salad.

We crashed about 11:30.  Day 2 will take us to Amsterdam.

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