Friday, June 22, 2012

Helsinki, Finland, Day 1 - Ruoholahti

Thursday night I flew to Helsinki, catching the 9:25pm flight to Stockholm, followed by a 35 minute stopover before flying to Helsinki arriving at 12:50am Friday morning.  Total flight time including stopover was about 3 hours.  Helsinki is an hour ahead of Oslo.  Arriving into the airport I caught a taxi van that took me to the hotel, the cost was 28 Euros, and took about half an hour.  The driver was quiet, and reminded me of this guy, Sam Rockwell.  I swear it's his twin brother.

My taxi driver.

Another couple took the taxi with me as well, they dropped off pretty close to where I was.  The woman was spanish, and the man, no idea.  I could have taken the bus from the airport but walking around at night at that time, not a good decision, and there's no public transport to the hotel at this hour.The taxi accepts credit cards, good work, as I did not have any cash with me and I didn't find any ATMs near where I was.  Checked in around 2:00am or so, and it's all good.  I'm staying in the Ruoholahti area.  Tomorrow, off to the explore the city.  And take photos as well.  Here's what Ruoholahti looks like from the air.

Ruoholahti, courtesty Wikipedia

This weekend is Midsummer weekend.  Reminds me of the Shakespeare play, a Midsummer Night's dream.  Never really understood what Midsummer meant, I suppose if you've lived in Asia your whole life you would have no clue either, but now that I'm in Europe I've been enlightened.

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