Saturday, July 28, 2012

Helsinki, Finland, Day 1 (again)

Yes, I am in Helsinki again.  And no it's not groundhog day.

Tonight was the night of close shaves.  And what a long night it has been.

I've been meaning to catch the express train to the airport which normally takes about 40 minutes.  Of course I checked at the last minute and found out there's railworks going on, so the journey took over an hour instead!!  I had to catch a bus to Lillestrom and then the express train from Lillestrom to the airport. I arrived just in the nick of time, 7:50pm with just under an hour to spare.  My flight to Copenhagen was at 8:45pm so I really cut it close.

Copenhagen to Helsinki was relatively smooth, I had time to spare.  Arrived into Helsinki at 1:10am, and I picked up my luggage at 1:20am.  So I just manage to catch the 1:25am 620 bus from the airport! If my luggage had come any later I would've missed it and would have had to wait another half hour.

To to show you how close it was, the moment I stepped foot on the bus platform, the bus arrived right there and then!

Arrived into the city at Friday night / Saturday morning 2:20am and it was full of drunks.  I saw one guy piss in the bushes close to the bus station.  And a few metres later, another guy was holding his penis next to a statue, but his penis was in full view, and he was just standing there looking completely wasted.  Well I'm not going to forget that for sure.  A lot of kids were on the bus too.  Kids as in anyone who is younger than me. :)

Now I'm in the hotel and it's rather noisy, staying right in the city and there's like a nightclub playing really loud music.

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