Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yes to liberty, no to tyranny

16 days and 11 years ago, thousands of innocent victims lost their lives in an attack in New York caused by the globalists pushing for a New World Order agenda.  Before you say anything, please do some research, this isn't no conspiracy theory, but fact.  If I was a psychopath, which many of these people are, I would manipulate people's minds, promote fear by spreading the idea that people with long beards (oh, those scary muslims!!) are "terrorists".  In fact, I would manipulate both sides, and not only that, fund both sides so that they hate each other so much that they would just kill each other without them ever knowing the truth, that they are being controlled and manipulated.  I would control mass media and show that terror is in every corner, in every street, under your bed, in your cupboard, in your kitchen sink.  I would repeat this every day, as part of your "tv programming".  Doing so repeatedly would programmatically trigger an immediate bias effect in your mind upon hearing or seeing certain visual cues, your mind goes into auto pilot and decides without it ever considering the facts and the truth.  I'm always amazed when I hear things like "Oh I don't want to visit Australia, it's such a dangerous country because of the sharks!", when more people die from other accidents in Australia every year than shark attacks.  Jaws the movie was responsible for more empty beaches than the BP oil spill!  If you have not been there, you don't know.  Experiencing and being there is knowing.    Hearing about it from someone is not knowing.  The matter of fact is, the war on terror is a never ending war on your freedoms.  And guess what, war is an extremely profitable business.  Not for the millions who die never knowing why they died (the usual reasons they tell you, "freedom", "democracy"), but for those who fund them.  The banks and those who control them.  Look at the US military, "bringing freedom and democracy" by bombing and killing people.  What kind of freedom is that?  How about not promoting freedom, isn't that a better solution?  (I'm not against the US in any way, but am just using it as an example.  Americans are probably one of the friendliest in the world.  Well for sure a heck lot friendlier than Norwegians!!)

So what's the point of this post?  To make you question what you believe in.  To make you think when you see some news headline.  We all have normalcy biases in us, and you may not be aware, but our environments and upbringing shape us.  We all live on the one planet.  You wouldn't kill your neighbour, why then would you want to kill someone from another country, just because they look/behave different?  After living in a few countries and talking to different people you realise people all want the same things.  However the ones in power do not want you to have that or believe that!  They want you to think that people living in other parts of the world are violent crazy nazies.  That you are somehow different from them.  And they do that everyday by promoting fear and violence in the news.  Which channel actually promotes people doing good things or happy people?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

When the time comes, the crazies of this planet will want to promote a global war.  They will create false flag terror attacks, promote propaganda to push citizens into "patriotism mode" and going into war.  History tells us this path that we're going on will lead to war.  Will you have the guts to speak the truth?  To tell others what's really going on?  To say no?  To stand up to tyranny?  For the sake of humanity I believe so.  Remember, a tiny lit candle can light up a room full of darkness, and darkness can only prevail in the absence of light.

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