Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Around the world in less than 14 days

I flew from Oslo to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, to Singapore and then back to Oslo in 13 days.  16th Oct to the 28th of the same month.

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A to B to C to A, if you're flying economy class don't try this if you have back problems!

It took me 27.5 hours to get from Oslo to Australia, including a 5 hour stopover in Singapore and an hour and a bit stopover in Helsinki.  Then I flew again on the 21st to Singapore, which was another 8 hours.  So I flew a total of 35.5 hours in less than 6 days with almost no time for recovery which is pretty bad!

Almost the entire week when I was away, I was jet lagged, and utterly sleep deprived (all my flights were full so I pretty much got a big fat zero of eye rest) but it was nice to see my old friends and colleagues anyway.  Almost seems like yesterday, time sure flies.  Also I'd almost forgotten how bright the sky can actually appear to be, been living here too long.  From 33 degrees to minus 5 this morning, I've endured some real temperature changes in a short period of time, I was sick for almost an entire week and just about feel close to normal only as of today.

One thing that disturbs me is that when I was in Australia I was thinking "Gosh there sure is a lot of fat people in Australia." and I'd never thought like that before.

Today is the US elections, but it doesn't matter who wins, so for your sake, please spend time doing something that will actually help you like spreading the truth and seeking the truth!

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