Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 13 and 14 - New Year's Day, Reval Cafe, Old Town

1st January. Another day another new year.

9:45am Breakfast was surprisingly crowded.  After breakfast, I rang my mum to wish her happy new year, and did some blogging as well.  It was a lazy start to the New Year.

3pm Went for lunch at Reval Cafe.

Reval duck borsch

Duck with potatoes.  Mulled wine on the right.

Seafood risotto

Took a walk to Solaris after that, we thought of watching a movie but there was nothing of real interest, so we walked back to the hotel.  Thought of getting a massage but that was out as well.  So instead we had an early dinner, I didn't take any photos but we ate at the hotel's cafe, which was called "Cafe Mademoiselle".  Today's dinner was duck salad, fish salad, and chilli chocolate ice cream with cranberries as dessert.  We also bought some really cheap bread that was on sale, since everything was half priced.

Slept at around 12 midnight or so.

2nd January.  Last day of the 2 week adventure.

8:45am  Early wake up because we had to check out today.  Breakfast was so packed you could not even find a seat.  But eventually some people left.  After breakfast the next several hours were spent packing.  Checked out at 12pm eventually and then caught a cab to Tallinna Autobussijaam (Tallinn Central Bus Station), I saw A off then caught the Tram 4 to Freedom Square and then walked to Solaris where I had Hesburger on the top floor where the cinema is situated.  Well after that took a last walk around the supermarket, then walked to Old Town, took some photos, and then it was back to the hotel.

Tallinn Old Town.

Tallinn Old Town.

4pm Caught the 90K bus to the airport, checked in and spent the next hour or so wandering about the airport.  By that I mean using the internet.  Wifi is almost everywhere in Estonia.  I boarded the plane at 6:10pm, no delays this time, and arrived back in Oslo at 6:40pm and arrived safely back home at 9pm catching the bus.

Stay tuned for more adventures in January.

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