Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Day 3 - Museum of Eroticism (МузЭрос), Conchita Bonita, Matiss Art Gallery

Warning, this post has nudity, if you're affected by nudity and private bits and things modelled after private bits, stay away, and do not read this post.  Below the age of 18?  Runaway now!

11am Woke up had breakfast which was fried potatoes.

3pm Left for Museum of Eroticism.  It's located close to the Ploshchad Vosstaniya station.  It's new!  And 24 hours, so you can visit anytime.  Well I've never been to an erotic museum before, so why not?

For double the pleasure, use your brain and imagine. :)

Looks like a toilet bowl but hidden in the hole is well, a male reproductive organ.

Another variant of the above, with pedal for easy access.

Oh... feathers!

More photos coming after this jump break

Naked art.

Fancy taking turn poking each other?

Naked people doing naked things.

Naked body as a face.

Video of naked women bodies, it alternated between different body types every couple of so seconds.
Behind the video there was a table with tissues and videos of 3d porn.  No kidding!!

Spot the penises.

Naked people clock.

The model soldier.

What happens if you take too much viagra.

Don't give that as a gift to a religious family.

More naked art.


Naked people.

Naked woman.

Photography of a semi naked woman.  There was a room filled with photographs of naked women.  I took a photo of me with them but I don't want my mum to get a heart attack so I'm not posting that. :D

Me with the not so naked logo.

Welcome to the BDSM section.

Now those are loaded weapons.  I didn't see the women in Austin powers with the machine guns though.

That's a real woman sitting on the chair. :D

I have no words for this photo.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's BDSM woman.

The BDSM room in all its glory.

How skeletons do it if they could do it.

Do not sit, fragile!

More.. toys...

Taken on the museum floor, it's up a level from ground level.

Around 5:30 pm or so we left for Conchita Bonita, reached around 6pm.  It's a restaurant where you can get mexican food.

Non alcoholic mojito and friends.

Aztec salad with tomatoes, goats' cheese and other tasty things

Chicken cesar salad.

Interior decor.

Chicken fajitas.

Salsa and salad.  And the red drink is a Singapore sling.

We left about 7pm for the Matiss Art Gallery, and caught a bus there.  Pretty much every single cinema in Russia, or at least in Saint Petersburg only shows movies dubbed in Russian.  And the reason why I said that is because the Matiss Art Gallery were going to televise an English movie, an old noir movie from 1948 called "They live by night".  We had some tea before it started.  There were maybe about 20 people at most gathered in the room, which wasn't very big.

7:30pm Movie started, with Russian subtitles. :)  We left around 9ish pm and walked past a bar playing "Living on a prayer".  One of my favourite songs from 1994!  Caught the metro and arrived home around 10ish.

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