Friday, March 29, 2013

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Day 2 - State Museum of Bread, Loft Project ETAGI

11am Woke up and had breakfast.  Buckwheat and omelette was the order of the day.  Had a shower as well.

At about 3pm we took the metro to Mayakovskaya and then walked to the State Museum of bread.  We arrived just before 4pm.  The museum closes at 5pm, so we arrived somewhat in time.  A lot if not all of the descriptions are in Russian so for me it was mostly a shoot and try to understand what's happening.

Chicken bread.

Piggy bread.

Sacred bread.

Bread for astronauts.

How bread is born.

Oven with eager cats on the top.

Flour milling tools.

Different types of bread.

Holy bread.

"Samovar" (Russian) used to boil water

Time for tea!

Old cash register.

Lots of old tins.

Old tins.

Bread kitchen.

The museum!

More milling tools.

Time for tea!

Big pig and little pig, from pre-revolutionary times.

Moulds used to make bread of different shapes.

Old kitchen.

More bread on display.

Parent holding starving child.

Exhibit area.

Exhibit area.

Bread shop during soviet times.

Coupons for different food items, including tea and wine.

Exhibit area.

St Petersburg was blockaded for 3 years during World War 2, nothing could come into the city, eventually this piece of bread, about the size of an adult fist, was all you had to live on for a day.  Needless to say, thousands upon thousands of people died from starvation.

Living conditions during World War 2.

Bread signs.

We left about 4:50pm.  This windmill was close to the entrance of the museum.  It's made from sushka (сушка).

Sushka windmill, 100% edible!

5pmish Had food at Teremok (Теремок).

Mushroom pancake, and a chicken pancake.  And kvass.

Shortly after that we walked to Loft Project ETAGI which is an open area that houses different exhibits.  There's also a forest cafe (very packed!) on the 4th floor with an open area, we walked out to this open area and took some photos.  The 4th floor also houses a hostel.

Building opposite the forest cafe

Me and le parrot.

Open area.

Building opposite the forest cafe

Birds protecting the forest cafe.

Wooden dogs.

On the 5th floor there was an exhibit called "Golden Turtle '7" centered around environmental protection, it was mainly animal/nature related photography.

"Golden Turtle '7" exhibit

White or black?

I hope those hunters don't see me...

March of the penguins!



There goes my home..!

Heart shaped ice.

Just outside the exhibit.

After that we wanted to have something to eat in the forest cafe but it was too crowded.  So instead we decided on yaposhka.

8pm Arrived at yaposhka.

Kim chi soup.

Ceasar salad.

Kiwi and lime drink and cranberry drink.

We didn't order the next dish, we ordered sushi instead of rolls but they made rolls instead.  And since we didn't order it they offered us a 20% discount on the bill which I took.

Sushi rolls.

The rolls weren't very good, especially the rice.  Oh well!  After that we went home and I had borsch soup again.  Lights out close to midnight or so.

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