Friday, December 20, 2013

The last 2013 post from Norway

I'm flying off in 9 hours, so this is going to be super short.  Today's the last night that I'm posting from Norway, at least for the year 2013.  Been 3 years since I moved here, my my... how time flies.  This year I haven't posted much.  Maybe next year will be better.  Gotta put on the blogging hat on again.

Sometime next year I'll be leaving Norway, on to better things.  You might ask yourself "Why?  Isn't this the supposed best place to live?"  In one word, "No", in two words, "Hell No" (But if you're a welfare loving, socialist, nincompoop you might disagree with me).

It's a BIG world out there!!

But that's another story, that's to be continued… in the next post!

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