Monday, August 25, 2014

Åndalsnes, Day 3 - Trollstigen and Geiranger

The day after we were extremely sore but alive.  We caught the morning bus to the troll's tail (Trollstigen) where we took a few photos.  The stopover was short, only about 20 minutes.

Trollstigen, view from the platform.

By the time we left the view had descended to something out of the movie "The Mist", but without the horror.  Another 2-3 hours on the bus took us to Geiranger.

Geiranger fjord.

Geiranger is the famous view which is pictured on every tourist book to Norway.  Amazingly there were no Norwegians in the town when we were there, not even the people who worked there were Norwegian.  Well, from a population of only 200+ can you blame them, I probably would escape as well.  Anyway littered all along the sides of the fjord are homes, not used anymore, but back in great great grand daddy's days.  Whenever the taxman showed up the owner of a house would simply pull up the ladder and hurrah, no more taxes :)  Another interesting story that was told was that whenever the parents left the house, they had to tie the children to the windows, otherwise they could run around and literally fall into the fjord.  Dangerous living. :)  We learnt these stories on the fjord cruise, but not before having some lunch in a hotel.  Of course there were also plenty of amazing views on board.

Later in the afternoon we some pancakes with strawberry jam, there's a Norwegian word for it which has slipped my mind for now, and then bought some chocolate shop that makes specialty chocolate.  I bought blue cheese chocolate.  Yeah.  I know.  And the people who served us were Dutch and Danish.

We left around 6pm and arrived back into Åndalsnes around 9'ish.

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