Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 adios 2014!

Wow what a year!  So much has happened!  2014 was an utterly fantastic year.  I visited Malta, the US, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Spain and of course Norway.  Some of these countries more than once!  In Malta I got to see artefacts older than the pyramids and experience beautiful landscapes.  In the US I went venture capital fundraising in California and visited the inside offices of Twitter and even got to pitch to a person working in Mithril Capital, billionaire Peter Thiel’s (founder of Paypal) fund, walked past the offices of Mozilla, got an accidental tour of Google, and had a stopover at LinkedIn, ate clam chowder (again!), rode a bike over the Golden Gate bridge and (finally after years!) went to watch the incredible Wicked play in New York.  In Finland and Latvia I visited castles, fortresses, went on forest hikes, and went to a countryside wedding.  In Russia I went to majestic palaces and mountains.  In Spain I visited the unique architecture and art of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and the sandy beaches of Alicante.  In Czech Republic I re-visited the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, saw the origins of Škoda in the town of Mladá Boleslav and ate tasty duck several days in a row.  In Norway I went forest hiking and mountain climbing.  There’s so much beauty and amazing things to see and learn in this world, yet the majority are more concerned with the trivialities of life.

Here’s a few photos!

Pristine coastline of Comino, Malta

X-country skiing in Khibiny, Russia

Prague castle, Czech Republic

Lake, Sipoonkorpi, Finland

Cēsis Castle, Cēsis, Latvia

One fine day in Alcatraz, California, USA

Self-driving car, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California, USA

Inside Mithril Capital office, billionaire Peter Thiel's fund, California, USA

Hanging out at Android HQ, Google, California, USA

Chilling on the top of Montserrat, Spain

The amazing Wicked musical, NY, USA

Stay hungry, stay foolish, and live.  2015 is going to be even more amazing.

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