Saturday, April 25, 2015

London, England, Day 2 - O2 Climb, Tate Gallery, Les Miserables

March 27th Started off the day with a wake up called at 8:30am.  My room for 3 had no roomies for now which was nice.  The room was very simple, one bunk bed, one single bed, and a small sink with a mirror.  The downside was that I was on the lower bunk bed and the ceiling was ridiculously low so whenever I got up I hit my head.  I caught the underground to North Greenwich in the morning for the O2 climb, height was 52metres/170 feet.  The weather wasn't so bad that day so it was a nice short climb.  Talked to two English ladies who lived in London and were doing the climb.  It was Easter break so that's why they had time off.  There was a German couple and everyone else was English.  So the guide was just telling us the silly questions that he's been asked, like "If that's the River Thames then what's the river on this other side" (It's the River Thames), or "Is that the Eiffel tower?" (which was a water tower).  It was bouncy going up the stadium and bouncy if not steep, coming down.  It was a nice climb to the top, but no SLR photos only mobile phone cameras allowed.

After the climb I had lunch in the Harvester then caught the underground to Southwark where I visited the Tate gallery.  Spent about 2 hours or so there, and watched a short interesting documentary about blind people painting.

In the evening I visited the Queen's Theatre where I watched Les Miserables.  I caught the tube via Waterloo, and I have to say the tube at Waterloo was insanely packed, a few times the train simply zoomed past or no commuters could go in!  Madness.  Late dinner was in Chinatown around 11pm, thankfully restaurants were still open unlike in Norway (yay.... whimper.... deafening silence...).  I turned in at 1am, but not before having an insanely cold short shower, the hot water was hosed and to top it off there was flooding up to ankle level in the shower.  But hey at least I was having a good time.

Welcome to the O2

See the stretch of blue on the roof, that's where the climb starts

Preparing for the climb

At the top of the O2

Tate gallery

Tate gallery

Tate gallery


Picasso, wish I had time to visit the museum in Barcelona unfortunately tickets were sold out!

River Thames


Queen's Theatre

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