Friday, May 15, 2015

Education, setting a trend in motion

So I'm a big firm believer of education.  And I mean the real stuff that teaches you critical thinking not mouth spew or learning business from someone who has never even run a lemonade stand in their entire life, which is pretty much all of academia.  Like almost everything in life, the best way to learn is to do it rather than handover cash to an academic institute for the benefit of some piece of paper.  But at the very basic level, we need to know our Math and Science.

Today I read the following, anyone interested in their country's future must read this article.  Why is this important?  10-20 years down the line these children are going to be the upcoming leaders and parents.  The future including wealth is moving to Asia.  Look at the top 5 countries.  This is a trend in motion that cannot be stopped.  Honestly if I were living in the west right now as a parent I would be extremely worried.  For all you parents I certainly hope your children if you have any, are getting the best education they can.  10-20 years down the line we're going to see a very different world from today's present.  This is not only due to education, but a host of other economic trends.  A trend in motion will continue and it will not be stopped.  Having being witness to all of this while growing up, I can tell you a story of how a classmate of mine who we considered to be a typical student moved to Malaysia to study a period of time and how everyone thought he was a "genius" when he did.  I've also heard of students going to Australia and then acing their Math classes like it was just well, easy peasy.  It's not unheard of to even hear of Singapore students scoring high distinctions for English at university level even though they're in high school.  But this just confirms what I've known all along, that the Asian countries set high standards while the other countries set, how should I put it, "not as high" standards?  Seriously man what the hell is Europe spending all its money on other than shoving it into the hands of useless politicians?  You'd think with all that socialist spending things will improve.

Something to think about.

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