Monday, May 11, 2015

London, England, Day 5 - British Museum

30th March Woke up at 8:15am this morning since it was check out day.  I left my luggage in the luggage room and walked over to the British museum closer to 10am since that's when it opens.  The museum is just massive, with approximately 8 million items on display.

British Museum.

British Museum.

British Museum entrance interior.

British Museum entrance interior, there's a lot of people!

Enlightenment Room.

Rosetta Stone (replica, the original is in the Ancient Egypt Room).

Ganymede with eagle of Zeus.

I spent around an hour in the enlightenment room then proceeded to the Americas.

Stone Rattlesnake, Aztec, AD 1300-1521.

Turquoise mosiac mask of Tezcatlipoca, Mixed Aztec, AD 1400-1521.

Turquoise mosaic of a double-headed serpent, Mixed Aztec, AD1400-1521.

Next was Room 24, called the "Living and dying room".  Zombies don't fit in.

Hoa hakananai'a, Easter island, Chile, AD 1400.

Next was the China, South Asia and Southeast Asia room, room 33.  By this time I was pretty much just going through and taking photos because I was running out of time.

China, South Asia and Southeast Asia room.

Reclining girl, North China, Jin Dynasty late 12th Century AD.

I headed towards Korea, room 67, took more photos there then headed off to Egypt but not before stopping at the "Living and dying room" again.

Rock Crystal Skull (The real one, not from Indiana Jones), late 19th Century AD.

King Ramesses II.

2:15pm At this point it was time for lunch.  And postcards.  The black girl who I spoke to about postage costs was completely hopeless, she thought Czech Republic was in Asia.  Nuff said.  I talked to a white girl and she knew exactly what I wanted.  You see stereotypes do work in many situations. I got my postcards, and had a chicken wrap, wrote my cards and was off.

The post box that I used to post the postcards, this wasn't planned, I was in a mad rush, but I was lucky I found one walking back to the hostel.

3pm Arrived back at the hostel.  Caught Lena aka my Italian roomie, we gave each other a goodbye kiss on the cheeks and went our separate ways.  I caught the train to London Victoria from Oxford Circus thereafter and from there, the Gatwick Express.

London Victoria Station.

5pm I ordered a quarter chicken with spicy rice and salad at Nando’s before flying off back to Oslo.  Eventually I didn’t get in until close to midnight, as the trains were late.  All in all it was a good couple of days.

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