Thursday, August 6, 2015

Romsdal, Day 4 - Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, Valldalen valley, Ex Machina

July 27th We packed our bags and left at 12pm.  Our last day in Romsdal was spent going to the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and the Valldal valley where the movie "Ex Machina" was filmed.  Unfortunately we could not take pictures of the Juvet hotel which was restricted to guests only, but still we got sweet shots of the area.  Later we stopped at Valldal to have fish and chips and then we caught the train back to Oslo.  Last year we were also in Valldal for a stopover.

Trollstigheimen viewpoint, looks familiar?  A short similar scene was present in Ex Machina.

Rocks rocks lots of rocks.

Trollstigheimen viewpoint.

1:40pm Arrived at Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and took a break here.  I bought some chocolates from the cafe that you could only find in Geiranger, ridiculous expensive, 8 pieces for 100 nok / 12 USD / 11 euros.  I didn't even know it was only going to be eight pieces.  Anyway at least the photos were worth it!

Gudbrandsjuvet gorge, winding walkway on the left, glass cafe on the right, valldøla river running through the middle.

Valldøla river.

Valldøla river running under a bridge.

Valldøla river.

Winding walkway/viewing platform, modelled after Trollstigen.

Across the road, more mountains.

2:44pm Arrived in Valldal, a really small town, population of 411 from 2012.  We stopped here to have some lunch and then headed back to Åndalsnes around 3:30pm.

The town of Valldal.

The only cafe in Valldal I suspect.


Molde Soda.

Fish and chips for lunch.  The fish was pretty bad, but at least it was cheapish by Norwegian standards.

4:45pm Stopped at supermarket and bought some supplies for the trip back to Oslo.  For me that was brus! Thereafter we boarded the train at 4:55pm with 5 minutes to spare.  I didn't get back home until close to midnight.

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